CFE Exam

Step 1 — Join the ACFE

You must be a member to take the CFE Exam and earn your CFE credential.


Step 2 — Prepare for the CFE Exam

Choose one of the following methods to prepare for the CFE Exam:

  1. Study by yourself Self-study subjects. Prepare for a relatively long time.
  2. Attend theTraining coursesLearning plan. Three to six months to pass the exam


Step 3 — Apply for the CFE Exam

A complete CFE Exam application with documentation is required to take the CFE Exam. The CFE Exam application fee is $350. If you have purchased the CFE Exam Prep Course, the fee is $250.

1.Part 1:Complete the online application form and submit payment.

2.Part 2: Submit your supporting documentation to the Certification Portal

Supporting documentation includes: Proof of ExperienceProof of EducationPhotoProfessional Recommendations.

Step 4 —Taking the CFE Exam 
The CFE Exam tests your knowledge and expertise in the four primary areas of fraud examination:

Fraud Prevention and Deterrence — tests your understanding of why people commit fraud and ways to prevent it. Topics covered in this section include crime causation, white-collar crime, occupational fraud, fraud prevention, fraud risk assessment, and the ACFE Code of Professional Ethics.

Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes — tests your comprehension of the types of fraudulent financial transactions incurred in accounting records. To pass Financial Transactions & Fraud Schemes, you will be required to demonstrate knowledge of the following concepts: basic accounting and auditing theory, fraud schemes, internal controls to deter fraud and other auditing and accounting matters.

Investigation — includes questions about interviewing, taking statements, obtaining information from public records, tracing illicit transactions, evaluating deception and report writing.

Law — ensures your familiarity with the many legal ramifications of conducting fraud examinations, including criminal and civil law, rules of evidence, rights of the accused and accuser, and expert witness matters.

you have 30 days to complete all four sections of the CFE Exam and submit it for grading.

Step 5 —Request Your CFE Exam Activation Key 

IF YOU STUDIED WITH THE CFE EXAM PREP COURSE, select Request Exam Activation Key within the course.

IF YOU STUDIED WITH THE FRAUD EXAMINERS MANUAL, you will receive the CFE Exam when your CFE Exam application is approved.

Step 6 —Entering the CFE Exam Activation Key 

Once you have requested and received your CFE Exam Activation Key, copy the Exam Activation Key On the CFE Exam software.
Step 7 —Submitting the CFE Exam Activation Key 

After you have completed all four sections of the CFE Exam, submit your completed CFE Exam, Select the Submit CFE Exam button on the Exam tab of the CFE Exam software.

Step 8—CFE Exam Affidavit 

CFE Exam Affidavit, verifying the completion of your exam without assistance, is required for each submission of the CFE Exam. Upload your completed CFE Exam Affidavit to the Certification Portal upon completion of your exam submission.

Step 9 —CFE Exam Results 

You will receive notification of your exam results, via email, within 3-5 business days of your exam submission. You must score at least 75 percent correct on each section of the CFE Exam in order to pass.

Step 10 —CFE Exam Retakes 

 If you do not pass, you may retake the CFE Exam for $25 per section. All four sections must be passed in three consecutive attempts. A CFE Exam affidavit is required for each submission of the CFE Exam.

Step 11—Mail the CFE Certificate.

The ACFE will email the notification that your application is approved and confirm the address.