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ACFE chapters are organized by members who reside in a particular geographic region (i.e., a city or country) and share an interest in the detection and deterrence of fraud.

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What is CFE?

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) membership is open to Associate members who are interested in taking their career to the next level by earning the standard of professional excellence in the anti-fraud profession.

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Mozambique charges ex-minister, 17 others in $2bn loan fraud case

Mozambique charges ex-minister, 17 others in $2bn loan fraud case 莫桑比克指控前部长和另外17人涉嫌20亿美元贷款欺诈案   The indictment comes days after three ex-Credit Suisse bankers were charged in the US for their role in the scandal.在美国,三名前瑞信银行家因在丑闻中扮演的角色而受到指控。




Two Tesco directors cleared of fraud as judge labels case ‘weak’ 法官认定案件薄弱,特易购两名董事被判欺诈罪名不成立   Two former Tesco executives accused of masterminding a fraud that triggered the biggest financial crisis in the supermarket chain’s 100-year history have been cleared after the judge threw out the case stating the prosecution case was “so weak” it should not be before a

goldman sachs to face criminal charges in multibillion-dollar fraud scheme

Goldman Sachs to face criminal charges in multibillion-dollar fraud scheme高盛将面临数十亿美元欺诈案的刑事指控   KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysia filed criminal charges against Goldman Sachs and two former executives Monday for their role in the alleged multibillion-dollar ransacking of state investment fund 1MDB. 马来西亚吉隆坡,周一,马来西亚对高盛和两名前高管提起刑事诉讼,指控他们参与了据称耗资数十亿美元洗劫马来西亚国家投资基金1MDB的行动。   Attorney General Tommy Thomas said the government is seeking several billion dollars in fines from

CFE Exam

Step 1 — Join the ACFE
You must be a member to take the CFE Exam and earn your CFE credential.
Step 2 — Prepare for the CFE Exam
Choose one of the following methods to prepare for the CFE Exam:

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About China Chapter Member

Membership in China chapter is separate from membership with the national association. Annual dues are collected on the same date as the initial member ship sign up…

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Professional Community

Helen HU, Beijing


Arlene QIN, Guanzhou


Xinjie LI, Chengdu


Patrick LEE, Hong Kong


Lisafree FU, Taiwan


Xiang JIANG, Tianjin


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Membership in the National Association (ACFE) is a requirement prior to joining China Chapter.  To find information about joining the national association

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