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ACFE chapters are organized by members who reside in a particular geographic region (i.e., a city or country) and share an interest in the detection and deterrence of fraud.

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What is CFE?

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) membership is open to Associate members who are interested in taking their career to the next level by earning the standard of professional excellence in the anti-fraud profession.

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A Slippery Slope to Major Fraud

Ever wondered what it may take to become a fraudster? Where would it all start and where would it all end? Listening to someone who has gone down that path shows how easy it indeed may be. Diann Cattani, a well known convicted fraudster, regularly describes her own slippery slope to major fraud and how she ended

Beware of the Invisible Gorilla

When it comes to fraud you need to be aware of the unexpected. Watch this famous Harvard cognitive test below before reading on: So how did you do? Did you notice the gorilla? A remarkable percentage of people drop their jaw and ask “are you crazy? There was no gorilla. Listen, if there was a

Crucial Aspects of a Highly Effective Audit Committee

So, what are the crucial aspects of a highly effective audit committee? This is a very important question to answer if you work in the field of fraud investigation and forensic accounting. According to Cynthia Fornelli, Executive Director of the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ), “having a board and an audit committee that is willing to

Ethical Advice for Fraud Examiners

There are many issues that Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) face and will face in the future and these issues relate or are seemingly dependent on the particular role or roles that you may play. Are you are an internal auditor? Are you working for the company that is the victim? Are you brought in from the outside? If you are, then

Fraud in the Construction Industry

Origins of fraudulent activity in the construction industry. Fraud in the construction industry comes from a variety of sources in a variety of guises, which is what makes it so unique. If you just think about a typical construction project, you’ve got a municipal contracting agency, you’ve got a consulting, design or engineering or architect corporation, you’ve

How to Protect your Company Against Data Theft

Data theft¹ is the illegal transfer or storage of any information that is confidential, personal, or financial in nature. It is considered a serious security and privacy breach and the consequences of data theft can be severe for both individuals and businesses. It has and will continue to cause many untold problems for organizations across the globe so

CFE Exam

Step 1 — Join the ACFE
You must be a member to take the CFE Exam and earn your CFE credential.
Step 2 — Prepare for the CFE Exam
Choose one of the following methods to prepare for the CFE Exam:

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About China Chapter Member

Membership in China chapter is separate from membership with the national association. Annual dues are collected on the same date as the initial member ship sign up…

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Professional Community

Helen HU, Beijing


Arlene QIN, Guanzhou


Xinjie LI, Chengdu


Patrick LEE, Hong Kong


Lisafree FU, Taiwan


Xiang JIANG, Tianjin


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Membership in the National Association (ACFE) is a requirement prior to joining China Chapter.  To find information about joining the national association

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